H20 Driverless Trail version and error help on below tutorial

Shivi82 Member Posts: 2

Hi All, this is my first post. We are exploring H20.ai as a product where one of our customer has already invested in Serverless.ai but they don't have resources or data science team to run and prove the benefits. I was exploring a trial version of Driverless, unfortunately the link is always taking to get connected to a sales rep. Could someone advice if H20 has 21 days trail available.
I also tried to run the get started examples using jupyter/ pip using this link: https://docs.h2o.ai/driverless-ai/pyclient/docs/html/examples/getting-started.html but dai = driverlessai.Client(address='http://localhost:12345', username='py', password='py') shows as a broken link. I am not sure if this code is suedo code or is there a dummy version available on AWS.
looking for expertise advice on the error above and if there is a trail version available as said on the website for 21 days