Can't connect to http://localhost:54321

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i want to run the lilikoi example code with the mock data provided by the lilikoi R package, however, I am stuck at the lilikoi.machine_learning() command due to a connection error with H2O.

I downloaded the H2O file and unzipped it in the R Terminal, but now I cannot connect to http://localhost:54321 as indicated by your website (

Below is the error message I get, copied from my R console:

H2O is not running yet, starting it now...

Note:  In case of errors look at the following log files:

java version "1.8.0_361"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_361-b09)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.361-b09, mixed mode)

Starting H2O JVM and connecting: . Connection successful!

R is connected to the H2O cluster: 
    H2O cluster uptime:         1 seconds 582 milliseconds 
    H2O cluster timezone:       Europe/Berlin 
    H2O data parsing timezone:  UTC 
    H2O cluster version: 
    H2O cluster version age:    4 months and 11 days !!! 
    H2O cluster name:           H2O_started_from_R_Luise_Bellach_gwz511 
    H2O cluster total nodes:    1 
    H2O cluster total memory:   3.51 GB 
    H2O cluster total cores:    16 
    H2O cluster allowed cores:  16 
    H2O cluster healthy:        TRUE 
    H2O Connection ip:          localhost 
    H2O Connection port:        54321 
    H2O Connection proxy:       NA 
    H2O Internal Security:      FALSE 
    R Version:                  R version 4.2.2 (2022-10-31 ucrt) 
Your H2O cluster version is too old (4 months and 11 days)!
Please download and install the latest version from
  |=========================================================================================================================| 100%
  |                                                                                                                         |   0%Error in .h2o.doSafeREST(h2oRestApiVersion = h2oRestApiVersion, urlSuffix = urlSuffix,  : 
  Unexpected CURL error: Operation was aborted by an application callback
[1] "Job request failed Unexpected CURL error: Operation was aborted by an application callback, will retry after 3s."

this loops multiple times and the % bar doesn't move.

can anyone help me out with this issue? much appreciated!

Dr. Luise Bellach