How do I find my current direction online?


To find your current direction online, you can use
Here's how to use the online compass:
1. Go to in your web browser. This will open the Online Compass tool.
2. Click "Allow" when prompted to let the website access your device's motion sensors. This allows it to detect the direction your device is facing.
3. Your current direction in degrees will now be shown on the compass display, with the cardinal directions labeled as well (North, South, East, West).
4. The compass readings may be off initially. You can calibrate by pointing your device's top/bottom and sides directly north, south, east and west a few times to allow it to accurately detect magnetic north.
5. You can now use the online compass la bàn online display to determine which direction you're facing in real life by pointing your device that way. It will update in real-time.
So in just a few taps, taps into your device's sensors to show your current direction. As long as your device's sensors are relatively accurate, it works well for basic navigation and determining direction. It's a handy website for when you need a quick compass read.

Can I use my phone as a compass?
Yes, you can use your phone as a makeshift compass by using website that shows directions using compass. Here are a few ways to turn your phone into a compass:
• Use a compass app. Many smartphones have a digital compass app built-in or available for download. These apps use your phone's magnetometer sensor to detect magnetic fields and determine which direction is north. They display a compass with the cardinal and interim directions.
• Enable the compass feature in maps. Apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps have a compass mode that orients the map to match the direction you're facing in real life. This allows you to see which way is north/south/east/west on the map.
• Use augmented reality apps. Some AR apps leverage the phone's sensors not only to orient overlays to the camera view but also to detect direction. You can find various free AR compass apps to display compass directions.
• Use the camera. Point your phone's camera at a analog watch or sun dials. The built-in digital clock on your phone can serve as an impromptu compass when you position the hour hand pointing towards the sun.
What is ? is a simple web-based compass that uses your device's internal sensors to detect direction and display compass readings.
Some key things to know about
• It's a basic online compass that shows the cardinal directions (N, E, S, W) and ordinal directions (NE, SE, SW, NW).
• It taps into your device's magnetometer and gyroscope sensors to determine the direction the device is facing relative to magnetic/true north.
• The compass is displayed on a minimal interface along with your current GPS coordinates and altitude if available.
• There are options to calibrate, reset and configure the web compass to improve accuracy.
• The site works best on smartphones and tablets that have accurate motion sensors, but can work to an extent on laptops.
• It requires permission to access your device's motion sensors before it can display readings.
• It's free to use, has no ads, doesn't collect any user data, and works offline once loaded.
Benefits of using an online compass
Here are some of the main benefits of using an online compass like
1. Convenience - Since it's web-based, you can access an online compass anywhere without needing a separate physical compass. All you need is an internet-connected device.
2. Easy to Use - Online compasses have simple, intuitive displays that instantly show your direction. No setup or configuration required.
3. Real-Time Data - The compass readings update continuously in real-time as you change direction. This allows you to precisely pinpoint your orientation.
4. Taps Built-In Sensors - By tapping your device's motion sensors, online compasses can leverage the magnetometers and accelerometers to determine direction.
5. Free to Use - Most online compass sites and tools don't require any payment or subscription. They are free to use.
6. Works Offline - Once you load the online compass web app, it uses local device resources and works without an internet connection.
7. Lightweight - Since they are web apps, online compasses are lightweight and don't take up any storage space on your device.
8. Privacy - Online compass sites/apps don't collect any personal identification or usage data in most cases.
So in summary, the convenience, real-time accuracy, sensor integration and privacy offered by online compasses provides a handy navigation utility using just a web browser. It's a great backup option for when you don't have access to a physical compass.
Is there a compass on Google Maps?

Yes, Google Maps does have a built-in compass feature that allows you to see which direction you're facing and navigate more easily using the app.
To enable and use the compass on Google Maps:
1. Open the latest version of the Google Maps app on your Android or iOS device. Make sure location/GPS services are enabled.
2. Tap on your profile icon in the top right and select "Compass". This activates compass mode.
3. An icon displaying a C with a circular arrow now appears at the top of the map. The map will orient itself based on the direction your phone is facing.
4. You can tap the compass icon to lock the orientation, which prevents the map from rotating when you change directions. Tap again to unlock orientation.
5. The compass is color-coded to distinguish different directions - North is red, East is yellow, West is blue and South is green.